parents on earth below. Readers are invited to reflect on their own personal experience, as well, by journaling in the back of the book.  In the now more than twenty years since its publication, readers all over the world have found hope and healing through poignant words and beautiful illustrations.

In 2006, Linda launched Linda DeYmaz Interiors through which she provides custom interior design to personal and corporate clients. "I'm blessed to do something I absolutely love," says Linda. "My love for design started as a little girl and continues today as a licensed designer. My inspiration, creativity and enthusiasm comes from God. I believe our homes and space should reflect the artistry, beauty and order of the One I represent, and in whose image we have been made. I like to tell clients, 'I'm a story teller that will help you tell your own personal story through the art of design.' That's how I achieve a creative space."


Some years later, Linda was instrumental in the interior design development phase of the Perinatal Bereavement Center at St. Vincent Infirmary (now CHI St. Vincent) in Little Rock, Arkansas. The Center was brought to life through a large private donor. "It was such an honor to be a part of this project," Linda says. "The project was significant in nature, but had a personal meaning to me." In fact, the Center was developed at the exact location where she had given birth years ago to Ali Grace. The centerpiece of the room is a gorgeous painting that Linda commissioned for the project with  Laurie Snow Hein and the two worked closely together for many months in order to bring it to life. The end result was breathtaking and is a blessing to the community.

Linda enjoys spending time with her family, a good cup of coffee in the morning, anything outdoors, inspiring conversations, and all things creative. She is actively involved with Mosaic Church ( in Little Rock, a church she established alongside her husband, Mark, in 2001. At Mosaic, she co-leads Soul Sisters, the church's women's ministry, with a team of fantastic, creative and diverse  women.

Mark and Linda have been married for twenty-nine years and have four children: Zack (Lori), Emily, Will and Kate: and two grandchildren, Grace and Catherine. 

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Linda DeYmaz

Linda DeYmaz is a wife, mother, interior designer, and author of two books, including Mommy, Please Don't Cry... (Waterbrook/Random House, 1996). Mommy, Please Don't Cry... is a bestselling work on child loss with more than 100,000 copies sold to date. The book was born from Linda's own experience resulting from the death of her daughter, Alexandra Grace, delivered stillborn on Easter morning 1995.

A lifelong journal writer, Linda began to process her grief soon after Ali's death through daily writing and reflections. At the time there were very few resources available; and those that did exist offered little more hope than the suggestion, "Time will heal." Linda says, "It's amazing to think, statistically, at least one in four women will lose a child in their lifetime. Following Ali's death I began running in to and meeting  women all sharing the same enormous pain, a pain that in some cases had been hidden for years and was seldom discussed. It's a secret club to which no one wants to belong." 

‚ÄčBelieving that her own  child is wonderfully alive in heaven, Linda determined to provide peace of heart and mind to others similarly suffering. She first developed, then took a manuscript to one publisher after another, but it was rejected. "I always tell people that was my defining moment. When initial publishers said, 'No, it will never happen. Grief does not sell,' and convinced of the need, I did not let that stop me." Ultimately, it was John Van Diest, President of Vision House and author/editor  that understood how important it was to publish the work immediately. His own daughter had recently suffered a similar loss so, likewise, it was personal to him. As a result, Linda was able to turn her pain into passion and Mommy, Please Don't Cry... was born. It's a book of faith, hope and comfort, written from a child's perspective in heaven to